I’m a fourth-year Computer Science graduate research assistant at Michigan State University in Dr. Chris Adami’s lab researching artificial intelligence and evolution using artificial life and digital evolution. Prior to coming to MSU, I attended the University of Central Florida for my undergraduate degree in Computer Science. During my time there, I was awarded the prestigious DoD SMART Scholarship to complete an undergraduate Honors thesis on automated methods for robots to learn to walk with Dr. Kenneth Stanley.

On the weekends, I’ve taken up a “data tinkering” hobby where I tackle a new data analysis problem every week. If I find something interesting, I report my findings on my personal blog. You can follow me on Twitter, where I post at least two new data visualizations every day. (They’re not always created by me.) I’m also a head moderator for the popular data visualization subreddit /r/dataisbeautiful, which now serves over 2 million unique readers every month.

When I’m not glued to the computer working on research, I enjoy hiking, geocaching, weight lifting, playing PC and board games, karaoke, and taste testing the fine products of Michigan’s many microbreweries (the latter two often together). I regularly travel around the U.S. to teach researchers scientific computing skills at Software Carpentry workshops. I’m always looking for something new to do or try, so if you need a partner for your latest adventure, send me an email.

Last but not least, I’m a proud dog owner and enthusiast. Pictured below is my basenji / jack russell mix, Zack. He is a little ball of energy and happiness that never ceases to make me smile.

Photo: Zack

My little bundle of joy, Zack