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Sharing your passion for science with the world through reddit: Interview with Unidan

For the third and final interview in this series of posts about science outreach on reddit, I’m interviewing a “reddit celebrity” who became famous for sharing his passion for science with the rest of the world through reddit. If you

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Answering people’s pressing science questions on reddit: Interview with Tobias Landberg

This post is the second in a series of posts where I am interviewing scientists who do science outreach to the public on reddit. My goal here is to discuss these scientist’s experiences to give everyone a taste of what

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Discussing evolution on reddit: Interview with Bjørn Østman

As a followup to my previous blog post about using reddit AMAs as a form of science outreach, I thought it’d be helpful to interview a few scientists who are already doing science outreach on reddit and discuss their experiences.

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Which social media platform offers the biggest bang for the buck for science outreach to the public?

Since 2005, social media has grown from a playground for angsty teenagers into a tool that pervades nearly everyone’s lives. In fact, almost 3/4 of all internet-using U.S. adults now use social media in some form of another in their

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How do you maximize the Tweetability of your presentations?

Given that conference season is coming up, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to the best ways to increase the impact of my presentations. How do I make them memorable? How do I make them available and interesting

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IPython Notebook workshop report: still plagued by installation issues

Update (Nov. 2014): IPython Notebook installation has advanced considerably since I originally published this post. Check out the Anaconda Python Distribution for an easy one-click installer for all your Python library needs. Today I ran a small (~20 person) 1-hour

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Insight from “Don’t be such a scientist”

This week, I sat down to read Randy Olson’s book, “Don’t be such a scientist.” Other than the fact that Randy and I share the same name (and nearly the same profession!… or at least, we used to), we apparently

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