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Popular subreddits have predictable cycles of virality

Ever since I started studying reddit, I’ve always wondered why the most successful posts were consistently posted around 7-8 am EST. I’ve had several theories, but until today I wasn’t able to back any of them up with real data.

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The window of virality on Reddit

Have you ever wondered why most of the posts on Reddit’s front page are less than 12 hours old? Or why a post with a score of 4,000 is ranked below 3,000 score post? It all has to do with

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More lies and bad analyses by Shareaholic are misleading the public

Fractions can mislead when total numbers aren't reported

This is the original version of the article that appeared on Co.Design. Earlier this week, Shareaholic published a report claiming that Reddit referral traffic is rapidly declining. Shortly thereafter, the report appeared on several respectable news outlets, including The Atlantic

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Sharing your passion for science with the world through reddit: Interview with Unidan

For the third and final interview in this series of posts about science outreach on reddit, I’m interviewing a “reddit celebrity” who became famous for sharing his passion for science with the rest of the world through reddit. If you

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Answering people’s pressing science questions on reddit: Interview with Tobias Landberg

This post is the second in a series of posts where I am interviewing scientists who do science outreach to the public on reddit. My goal here is to discuss these scientist’s experiences to give everyone a taste of what

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Discussing evolution on reddit: Interview with Bjørn Østman

As a followup to my previous blog post about using reddit AMAs as a form of science outreach, I thought it’d be helpful to interview a few scientists who are already doing science outreach on reddit and discuss their experiences.

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Which social media platform offers the biggest bang for the buck for science outreach to the public?

Since 2005, social media has grown from a playground for angsty teenagers into a tool that pervades nearly everyone’s lives. In fact, almost 3/4 of all internet-using U.S. adults now use social media in some form of another in their

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Could the reddit model replace the current scientific publication system?

Just today, Subhajit Ganguly put up a blog post that piqued my interest: “Imminent Changes In The Publication Process In Sciences.” In this blog post, Subhajit repeats the battle cry we so often hear from the Open Science movement: traditional

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A data-driven guide to creating successful Reddit posts

Edit: This article has been updated to 2015. Please see the latest version of the article here. Today I’m going to tackle the question that’s on all Redditor’s minds: How do I get a highly-upvoted post on Reddit? I won’t

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Retracing the evolution of Reddit through post data

Subreddit growth over time

Have you ever wondered how the Reddit community has changed since it started in 2005? I’ve only been active on Reddit since late 2011, so I’ve always been curious how Reddit looked before I came along. In this post, I

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