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If you’ve ever watched Major League Baseball, one of the feature points of the sport is the batting line-up that each team decides upon before each game. Traditional baseball logic tells us that speedy, reliable hitters like Trea Turner should …

Does batting order matter in Major League Baseball? A simulation approach Read More »

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Fractions can mislead when total numbers aren't reported

This is the original version of the article that appeared on Co.Design. Earlier this week, Shareaholic published a report claiming that Reddit referral traffic is rapidly declining. Shortly thereafter, the report appeared on several respectable news outlets, including The Atlantic …

More lies and bad analyses by Shareaholic are misleading the public Read More »

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Plot showing average fitness with a 95% confidence interval

A couple weeks ago, I attended the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) for the first time. While I was perusing through the workshops and tutorials available in the first couple days of the conference, I noticed something peculiar: There …

A short guide to using statistics in Evolutionary Computation Read More »

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Have you ever found yourself searching for a statistics package in Python, but it just isn’t available? This is the biggest reason I’ve heard when my colleagues say they’re unwilling to make the switch from R to Python for statistical …

Filling in Python’s gaps in statistics packages with Rmagic Read More »

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I finally got around to finishing up this tutorial on how to use pandas DataFrames and SciPy together to handle any and all of your statistical needs in Python. This is basically an amalgamation of my two previous blog posts …

Statistical analysis made easy in Python with SciPy and pandas DataFrames Read More »

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Per a recommendation in my previous blog post, I decided to follow up and write a short how-to on how to use pandas to process data from multiple replicate runs in Python. If you do research like mine, you’ll often …

Using pandas DataFrames to process data from multiple replicate runs in Python Read More »

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As promised, here’s the IPython Notebook tutorial I mentioned in my introduction to IPython Notebook. Downloading and installing IPython Notebook You can download IPython Notebook with the majority of the other packages you’ll need in the Anaconda Python distribution. From …

A short demo on how to use IPython Notebook as a research notebook Read More »

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I attended a Software Carpentry workshop hosted by Titus Brown and Greg Wilson this week and was introduced to, among many other things, a piece of software that I’ve been looking for ever since I started my graduate program: IPython …

IPython Notebook: Finally, the research notebook I’ve always been looking for is here! Read More »

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