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The college football season once again came to an end back in January, which now leaves us college football fans with nothing to do but post football memes online and feign interest in other sports until August rolls around again. …

How many college football teams can you watch in-person in one football season? Read More »

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By now, we’ve all heard of the addictive tile-mashing game called 2048. Last week, I picked up 2048 for the first time and — true to my nature — I started designing an AI to beat the game for me …

Artificial Intelligence has crushed all human records in 2048. Here’s how the AI pulled it off. Read More »

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Atari Games

Have you ever wondered if an AI could outplay you at Space Invaders? Wonder no more. Matthew Hausknecht and his colleagues from the University of Texas at Austin report that they have evolved an AI controller that beats the highest …

Evolved artificial intelligence can play video games better than humans Read More »

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If you were to ask a random person what the best example of Artificial Intelligence is out there, what do you think it would be? Most likely, it would be IBM’s Watson. In a stunning display of knowledge and accuracy, …

Neuroevolution: an alternative route to Artificial Intelligence Read More »

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I watched a YouTube video earlier today of an interview with David Eagleman, where he discussed his thoughts on the current approach that most researchers are taking to the problem of Artificial Intelligence. To me, this is an extremely interesting …

David Eagleman: are we taking the right approach to Artificial Intelligence? Read More »

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