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Rethinking the population pyramid

If you’ve ever browsed the U.S. Census population statistics pages, you’ve no doubt come across the famous population pyramid that they so frequently use to display the distribution of the U.S. population by age and gender. I was reading up

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The evolution of chess openings and why GIFs make for bad data visualizations

Earlier this year, I went on a week-long data analysis frenzy into a massive data set of chess tournament games. One of the better visualizations that came out of that post series was the evolution of openings over time set,

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A Song of Ice and Fire by the numbers: Chapter titles

Chapter titles in "A Game of Thrones"

I’ve been catching up on the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series lately and ran across an Amazon book review that had an interesting take on reviewing the books. Since each chapter is named after the character it

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3 easy steps to avoid deceitful data visualizations

This is the original version of the article that appeared on Co.Design. We live in an age of Big: Big Computers, Big Data, and Big Lies. Faced with an unprecedented torrent of information, data scientists have turned to the visual

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Political polarization of the U.S. Senate: Is the data fooling us?

Earlier this month, The Economist, Yahoo! News, and several other respectable news outlets ran articles talking about some great network visualizations apparently showing the “political polarization of the U.S. Senate.” There, they argued that these visualizations show how the Senate

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