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The college football season once again came to an end back in January, which now leaves us college football fans with nothing to do but post football memes online and feign interest in other sports until August rolls around again. …

How many college football teams can you watch in-person in one football season? Read More »

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I put together a couple demo videos for our Active Categorical Classifier (ACC) project that we’ll be presenting at the PPSN 2016 conference. If you’re interested in this project and can’t wait for PPSN, we have: a preprint of the …

Evolution of active categorical image classification via saccadic eye movement Read More »

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Don't give up; you could be right on the edge of a really interesting discovery.

Why we need to run simulations out longer in Evolutionary Computation and Digital Evolution research I thought I had this whole evolutionary computation thing down by now. After all, I’ve been evolving things inside the computer for 5 years. I’ve …

Evolution isn’t over until you click stop Read More »

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Plot showing average fitness with a 95% confidence interval

A couple weeks ago, I attended the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) for the first time. While I was perusing through the workshops and tutorials available in the first couple days of the conference, I noticed something peculiar: There …

A short guide to using statistics in Evolutionary Computation Read More »

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