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In early 1994, three Albright College students were watching Footloose during a heavy snowstorm. By pure coincidence, the next movie that came on the television was The Air Up There, another popular film starring Kevin Bacon. Intrigued by the coincidence, …

Revisiting the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Read More »

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Worldwide violence is going down

Since I posted my deadliest actors and deadliest films lists last week, I’ve been bombarded with questions about violence in the film industry. “Has the film industry become more violent over time?” (My answer: yes!) “Why do you think the …

Has violence been vanquished? Not in the film industry Read More »

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Rising Violence in Films

When I shared my earlier visualizations showing the deadliest films and actors of all time, several people commented that there appears to be a trend of increasing on-screen deaths over time. To follow up on that observation, I analyzed the …

Violence has been on the rise in the film industry Read More »

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