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If you read my last post about the correlation between a film’s budget and its performance in the box office, you were possibly intrigued about my mentions of the biggest box office successes and failures. I decided to focus on …

The biggest box office booms and busts since 1982 Read More »

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If you take a stroll down a list of the most expensive films of all time, you’ll notice that most of the films are from the past 15 years. Every year, more and more money is being poured into producing …

Does a bigger film production budget result in more ticket sales? Read More »

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Around this time last year, I kicked off a series of movie analysis posts to wrap up the year. In keeping with tradition, I figured I’d do the same this year. This year, I’ll be looking at box office sales …

Top 10 grossing film studios in the U.S. (1982-2014) Read More »

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