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The curious case of the closed access data set in the open access journal

Earlier this year, I ran across a news article that got me really excited in the science-nerdy kind of way. The article talked about how we could measure how happy the people in each U.S. state are just by looking

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Is the Open Science movement prone to call-outs, and is that a good thing?

I had a discussion with a couple scientists this week who are critical of the Open Science movement. Among the usual counter-arguments, one argument stuck out to me as particularly thought-provoking: (paraphrased) Open Science is prone to call-outs, and that

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Could the reddit model replace the current scientific publication system?

Just today, Subhajit Ganguly put up a blog post that piqued my interest: “Imminent Changes In The Publication Process In Sciences.” In this blog post, Subhajit repeats the battle cry we so often hear from the Open Science movement: traditional

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Why I love open source, and wish science worked this way

Yesterday, I got bored and hastily hacked together a script to scrape word frequencies from Reddit and make word clouds out of them. Of course, I included the source code on github so everyone else could use the script if

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