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The Shrinking Battleground: Every 4 years, fewer states determine the outcome of the Presidential election

Every 4 years, Americans are tasked to elect the leader of one of the largest democratic nations in the world. Eager to have their voices heard, U.S. citizens from every state stand in line to cast their ballot for their

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The age divide in where Americans want their tax dollars spent

With the U.S. Midterm Elections coming up, it’s time again to rally your friends and family to fulfill their civic duty at the voting booths on November 4th. Considering the possibility that the Senate will flip parties, this will be

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U.S. Racial Diversity by County

The U.S. is typically viewed as a melting pot of races and cultures, but recent maps showing the ethnic distribution of the U.S. seem to hint that the U.S. isn’t as well-mixed as we all thought. In this visualization, I

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The cost of war in Iraq and Afghanistan

Monthly US soldier fatalities in Operation Iraqi Freedom

For the past decade, the folks at iCasualties have been painstakingly keeping records of the fatalities in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, a good portion of the data is presented as tables of numbers that most of us

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