Fun with the Python Reddit API Wrapper and word clouds

I got bored today and threw together some Python code to scrape word frequencies from Reddit and make word clouds. Everyone on Reddit seemed to love them, so I put them up on github so everyone could start making their own word clouds. All that’s really left to do is connect these scripts to a word cloud generating library so we don’t even have to copy & paste text into Wordle any more. If you’re up to the task, please email me and fork away on github.

Making word clouds for subreddits is a surprisingly effective way to get a gist for what a subreddit is really talking about. Take /r/evolution, for example. They’re serious business about evolution.


Others were more amusing. /r/trees, for example, seems to be preoccupied with cursing about things.


whereas /r/aww can be concisely described by “upvote cats, fuck humans.”


Even the /r/space nerds seem to get riled up when discussing NASA, terraforming, and meteorites.


Come join in on the fun and make some word clouds for your favorite subreddit:

Randy is a PhD candidate in Michigan State University's Computer Science program. As a member of Dr. Chris Adami's research lab, he studies biologically-inspired artificial intelligence and evolutionary processes.

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