Is reddit experiencing “upvote inflation”?


A couple months ago, one redditor asked a simple question: “Is [reddit] karma experiencing inflation?” Of course, it’s silly to think about inflation applying to upvotes because you can’t buy anything with them. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to find out whether

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MMORPG Popularity, 1998-2013


Back in my teenage years, I was absolutely addicted to MMORPGs. As soon as I got home from school, I was plugged into whatever virtual world I was currently bent on conquering with my comrades-in-arms. Suffice to say that when

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Do women on OkCupid follow the Standard Creepiness Rule?


It seems that there’s an XKCD comic for every life situation that we run in to. One of my favorites, by far, is the comic titled “Dating pools.” This comic highlighted the Standard Creepiness Rule, a.k.a. the “half-your-age-plus-seven” rule, which

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What makes for a stable marriage? Part 2


About a decade ago, the gossip on everyone’s lips was that “1/2 of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.” That factoid was later disproven, but it left a lasting impression on the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of America.

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Where Democrats and Republicans want their tax dollars spent


Last week, I revealed the shocking age divide in where Americans want their tax dollars spent. This week, I’d like to focus on where Democrats and Republicans agree and disagree on how American tax dollars should be spent. To recap:

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The evolution of chess openings and why GIFs make for bad data visualizations


Earlier this year, I went on a week-long data analysis frenzy into a massive data set of chess tournament games. One of the better visualizations that came out of that post series was the evolution of openings over time set,

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The reigns and deaths of the Roman Emperors


Ah, the Roman Empire. One of the greatest empires to conquer the known world of ancient Europe. At its height, every man desired to sit on the throne, making the Roman Emperor one of the more precarious roles in ancient

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The age divide in where Americans want their tax dollars spent


With the U.S. Midterm Elections coming up, it’s time again to rally your friends and family to fulfill their civic duty at the voting booths on November 4th. Considering the possibility that the Senate will flip parties, this will be

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The reddit world map


We can all agree that online social networks dominate most people’s day-to-day Internet lives. 90% of all U.S. adults aged 18-29 have a Facebook account, and a large portion of those people check their Facebook at least once a day.

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