Top 25 deadliest actors of all time by on-screen kills in movies

Over the weekend, I discovered a web site where a group of dedicated film fanatics have been systematically counting on-screen kills for various actors for several years. I immediately set out to scrape all of the data from their web site and forums so I could visualize it and see what we could learn. I posted the data online to save everyone else the chore of repeating the scrape.

Below is the second in a series of visualizations I created, showing the top 25 deadliest actors by on-screen kill counts. If you would like to feature any of these visualizations on your own web site, please contact me first.

25 deadliest actors by on-screen kill counts

25 deadliest actors by on-screen kill counts

Some interesting facts

Uma Thurman ranks in as the deadliest woman with 77 on-screen kills.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s highest single-film kill count comes from Commando (1985), where in the final island scene he racked up 74 kills: 2 throats slit, 51 people shot, 1 person stabbed, 2 people stabbed by circular blades, 5 people blown up by grenades, 5 people blown up by rocket launcher, 7 people blown up by planted explosives, and 1 unfortunate person impaled.

The highest kill count by any one person in a film was attained by Tomisaburo Wakayama, who scored a shocking 150 kills in Lone Wolf and Cub: White Heaven in Hell (1974).

Have you found any interesting facts in the data? Post them as a comment here!

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18 comments on “Top 25 deadliest actors of all time by on-screen kills in movies
  1. Leung says:

    As a Hong Konger, I am pretty sure Chow Yun Fat’s bodycount is highly underestimated. The database missed the dozens of Hong Kong movies he starred, and those films usually involves gunfights or swordplays. After all, that’s what Hong Kong movies and Chow Yun Fat are famous for. And there was this movie “The Peace Hotel” ( that he acted as a notorious killer and killed at least a few dozens people on screen.

  2. Christopher Anadale says:

    Let 1 Bronson = 113 career on-screen kills. (Charles Bronson’s tally) Thus:
    Mel Gibson: 1.31 Bronsons
    Christian Bale: 1.42 Bronsons
    Clint Eastwood: 1.83 Bronsons
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: 3.27 Bronsons

  3. Scott says:

    I’d be interested to see how this stacks up to keifer Sutherlands kills just as the one character, jack Bauer.

  4. Chao Yun says:

    I’m pretty sure Chuck Norris is #1 at ∞^∞^∞/0 kills. regarts.

  5. GunMaster G-9 says:

    Pfff…Ever saw an 80ties Bollywood movie? The average Bollywood actor beats the count of Arnold in… practically a single fight scene…and dances on white boots to disco music the scene after.

  6. Joey says:

    Nothing wrong with your visualization, but the database you’ve chosen is of pretty poor quality. A visualization is only as good as its underlying data. My suspicion that any list that doesn’t contain Jean Claude Van Damme is incomplete was upheld by a little google searching where folks have accurately calculated his bodycount to be 425. Lots of better sources to choose for your trouble.

    • Randy Olson says: isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, but they’ve covered several of the deadliest movies. I haven’t been able to find a database that’s nearly as thorough.

      • Dan says:

        Hi Randy,
        you have missed a French movie “Borsalino & Co.” with Alan Delon :-) I stopped counting in a half of movie, it was very exhausting :-) Dan

  7. trickflip1 says:

    How about Sully being dropped off a cliff/mountain side in “Commando?”

  8. shouldisaymyname says:

    …and most of the deadliest actors are in the same movie franchise…The Expendables

  9. Vincent says:

    What about the guy on the death star that blew up the whole planet.

    • Randy Olson says:

      Only explicit, on-screen deaths count. Implied deaths, like planets or death stars blowing up, aren’t counted. Otherwise, this would just be a list of actors who blew up planets.

  10. Luís says:

    What about Chuck Norris?

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